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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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anger turns to joy. >> bye bye mubarak. >> celebration tonight after egyptian president hosni mubarak steps down. >> we're free, we're free, we're free. >> reporter: tonight from cairo to baltimore, how egyptians are reacts and what they are saying. >> reporter: hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking
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about. >> 18 days after protests began, president mubarak ended his three decade reign and turnedded over power. you are looking at the square where crowds are still cheering. kelly mcpherson has reaction from egyptians. let's start with joel brown. >> reporter: it's the power of the people that forced mubarak from his presidential palace where he rained for 30 years. >> it's like a dream. it's like a dream come true. everybody is shocked. >> reporter: shocked because just a day before, mubarak had announced he would be staying put. but word that he had left cairo. and the vice president made an
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announcement. >> president mubarak has decided to waive the office of president. >> reporter: fireworks took to the sky as egyptians celebrated on the street. the white house is keeping a close eye on the military that now holds the power. generals have not released details or a time line but they have promised free elections in september. and since they allowed the protest, they have the people's trust, for now. cbs -- the white house. wjz was there as a group of egyptians gathered outside the u.n. office. and kelly mcpherson is outside of a restaurant where local egyptians are
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celebrating. >> reporter: remember last night it was fear and anger people were talking about now it is nothing but celebration here at this hukkah lounge where people have been celebrating all day as soon as they heard the news. if you wandered what pure joy sounds like. >> i see you different now. >> reporter: just listen to egyptian americans celebrating the end of a 30 year dictatorship in their homeland. >> i never believed that i'm going to be living when i see this happening. actually i lost hope that any change was going to come out of this government. >> reporter: amatrali called her sister in egypt immediately, but that phone call connected her to someone else. >> i called her name and she said, no i'm not who you're calling for. and i said, any way, congratulations. >> take the money of the
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people, and this is -- >> reporter: you left -- >> i never like it. i never liked to be there while he was in office. in six months everything will be okay. the power will transfer to the right people. not to mubarak and his gang. >> reporter: this man watched his country go through a revolution just like egypt. he says now it's all about reform. >> you have to have a plan. if you look at the revolution happen in the united states, they had a plan. look at what they did. >> reporter: but first some laughter. >> we're now equal, you're free, i'm free, we're equal now. >> that sense of freedom can be felt live in cairo. you can see this picture now. everyone is celebrating. people in the baltimore area
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are anxious to go back to their country. most will go this summer to visit family and friends because they are excited to see their country without a dictator. one thing i will mention that a lot of people are buzzing about is which country could fall next. some people suggest that maybe al jeer alje era will be the next country. >> we invite you to join us on for the latest on egypt. breaking news out of east baltimore where a police officers gun went off during a struggle with a suspect. city police say the officer was sitting in his car on harwood avenue when the man approached. there was some sort of struggle when the gun went off. police are looking to the possibility that this was a robbery attempt. a major cocaine bust at the
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port of baltimore. it's worth about $650,000 on the streets. the cocaine was inside a backpack in a container of steel parts. apparently shipped from china to the united states by way of panama. no arrests have been made. a retrial has been set for twin brothers who are accused of setting a dog on fire. the case will be presented again in may. the johnson's are charged with cruelty and mutilation vehicle coding leading to the death of a pit bull named phoenix. mike hellgren has an appeal to lawmakers and who is helping send that message. >> reporter: police swarm park heights avenue, a shooting at a grocery store left one person dead here an example of the brazen gun related plans that
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has police pleading with legislators for tougher gun laws. among those, nicole harris who's father was gunned down in 2008. she recently spoke to wjz. >> charles mcganee was found with a gun a month before he murdered my father. he was only given 180 days in jail. this should be a wake up call that one of their colleagues was taken. >> reporter: first time gun offenders in baltimore serve an average of four months in jail. today 2% of them serve no jail time at all. >> we can change the culture of guns on the streets. not just in baltimore but statewide. >> reporter: the bill would mandate an 18 month sentence for anyone found with a handgun and tougher sentences for repeat offenders. >> there are always going to be
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detractors. >> reporter: the mayor says cases like the shooting of an officer illustrate her point. getting out just days before the shooting. >> we're talking about individuals who have a history a convicted history of guns and violence. >> hopefully our legislators will act in an way that will pass these issues. >> reporter: the mayor faces an uphill battle. reporting from city hall, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. in her state of the city address the mayor said getting this legislation passed is one of her top priorities. this is our generation's moment. president obama said that line in the state of union address. saying the united states needs to invest in energy, science and invasion and he says it all
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starts in the class room. the president is following his message by highlights a school. >> reporter: the president will have a lot to say about education monday here in maryland. teachers and parents are anxious to hear it. >> we need to teach our kids that it's not just the winner of the super bowl who deserves to be celebrated but the winner of the science fair. >> reporter: president barack obama is bringing that message from the state of the union address to baltimore. >> we really didn't know that he was coming exactly. but our teacher said that it was a special person coming. >> reporter: president obama is expected to talk about investing in education to help prepare children to be competitive in a global economy. >> maintaining our leadership in research and technology is crucial to america's success. but if we want to win the future. if we want invasion to produce jobs in america and not outseas, then we also have to
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win the race to educate our kids. >> our science classes are very focused and they are very straightforward. park hill residents are excited about the president's visit. >> i certainly like the direction that obama is going in. >> we have to have better schools and invest more money into that. >> reporter: the president is calling on more funding to help prepare 100,000 new math and science teachers in the years ahead. and stay with wjz we will have the latest on the president's visit to baltimore on monday. and ernie tyler died last night. he worked 3,679 oriole games in
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a role. he only broke that streak to see cal ripkin inducted into the hall of fame. construction stopped, a new battle over slots at arundel mill. earlier this month they appealed the traffic's management fund. outrage at the super bowl with thousands of ticketholders without a seat to sit. double the mistakes on the runway and in the air. what's behind the mistake. two elderly rape victims come forward to talk about the
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rapist who is still on the lose. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it that this man doesn't get away with it. >> their story when eyewitness news continues. a warm up in the works. i'm bob turk, i have your complete morning forecast coming up next. -- complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 25 degrees and clear
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in central maryland right now. the complete central warning weather is coming up. new revelations tonight as to how some super bowl attendants were left without a seat. the 1,250 seats were deemed unsafe just hours before kick off. some of the outraged fans are part of a lawsuit against the nfl. a contradiction in the sky. aviation safety in the u.s. is at an all time high. but the mistake by air traffic controllers has nearly doubled. those mistakes usually are planes coming in too close. one controller testified his colleagues watch movies and play with electronic devices on the job. the faa says the higher number
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of near misses has been an increase in service. and during today's hearing, the judge called guandique a dangerous sexual predator. guandique's request for a new trial have been rejected. police are searching for a serial rapest who targets the elderly. two of the victims have come forward. and they hope their courage will help track down their attacker. >> reporter: the rapes started here in these homes in german town. this is the police sketch of the suspect. he's hispanic, 16 to 28 years old. he crawled in through an unlocked window and raped a 68- year-old woman. this woman. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it this arrogant little twirp gets away with it. >> reporter: two months later, directly across the street at
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this senior center an 80-year- old woman was raped after the man that fits the description crawled in through the window. that woman wrote this to describe what she was feeling. hell. seven months have gone by since she was raped, the same man crawled through a window and raped her again. >> but as soon as he hit the ground, and we looked at each other, we knew. >> you wonder why me god. >> reporter: police want this man to be caught and for an extraordinary hour the two victims who just met sat side by side, sat telling their stories hoping their story stays alive. >> they are courageous, they have a lot of character and they are certainly going to be very good witnesses. >> this is not right. >> you made the choice to prey on elderly women knowing they could not defend themselves. >> really he should turn himself in and stop this.
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other wise the next little old lady he breaks in on may have a gun under her pillow. >> reporter: mike schuh. and police announced an increase in the crash reward for the man's conviction. it was boosted to $5,000. call crime solvers if you know anything about the rapist. a california family is suing disney after what they say happened while eating at disney. the family says these pictures show what happened when their son was burned while eating at the amusement park. 60 minutes is granted a rare interview and attempting to find out more about the lady behind the act. >> should i call you lady?
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should i call you gaga? should i call you lady gaga. >> do people -- call me gaga. >> does anybody call you stephanie? >> yes, some people call me stephanie. especially in bed. >> just call me gaga. >> just gaga. bob a warm weekend. >> could be very nice. let's look at gaga weather. it is chilly. no wind, 25 dead calm. the barometer holder -- holding steady around the region. 26 at the airport there in ocean city. your dewpoint up to 18. 45-13 today that's a huge
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difference. this morning with clear sky, light winds temperatures really fell. with sunshine we warmed up to mid-40s. the record 72 and six below. the normals 44 and 25. light winds, almost no winds at all. we will see breezes picking up in the afternoon. a couple of breezes will pass to our north. in doing so, our winds have become more westerly. you know keep us in the mild air but they also get pretty breezy. this little system causing a little snow near michigan. cleveland. passing to our north but once again, once you get through the region, the winds get back to the west then we get strong in the afternoon as strong as 20 to 25 miles per hour. so it'll feel brisk although it'll be as mild as it was today. late monday or tuesday may cool down just a bit. all weekend long at least till monday, temperatures above
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normal. then we're going to go back above normal for the end of next week. west winds 15 to 20 and it'll be a small craft advisory in the bay tomorrow. tonight it'll be clear, it'll be warm. just a few clouds coming in by morning. during the day tomorrow a lot of sunshine, breezy up to 46. not too shabby. 50 on sunday, 54 monday. back in the mid-50s on wednesday. and thursday and friday you may get to 60. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. warmer temps and baseball are in the spring training forecast for the orioles. >> mark has next coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time to show up and play some ball. >> spring training, sunshine for the orioles for sure. it's the elder statesmen in the starting rotation who was their most reliable last season.
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that guy jeremy guthrie agreed to a new contract today. guthrie avoids arbitration. with that deal the o's wrap up all of their arbitration eligible players before the start of preseason. >> i think it's been a busy offseason. i think everybody is in agreement that we signed some great guys that fill holes for us and giver us a chance to be a better team. i think that creates a lot of excitement. >> reporter: mcfell among those mingling with fans. the babe ruth bash brought home many dignitaries. college basketball at layolla the home team has been hot. layolla taking on nigh niagra.
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walker walked away with 17 points. niagra rallied. their come back included a run of 12 straight points. layolla loses this one at home. rex ryan taking a game at home. and that's a candidate for the dunk of the year. shannon brown a high flier, he's not in the all star dunk competition this year. should be. lakers lay it on the knicks 113- 106. and golf in dubai. this put part of his bogie. the nascar season shifts into gear this week in florida.
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jimmy johnson here with karl edwards. they have a new surface. makes for a fast track. 10 cars hit 200 miles per hour or faster in practice laps today. the daytona 500 a week from sunday. 200-miles-per-hour, these aren't indy cars they are nascars. maryland tomorrow at boston college. he does his home work. plays video games just like other kids. >> but wait until you hear him play t t but i'll be right there. ♪ [ screams ] [ people screaming ] [ tires screech ] ♪ [ tires screech ] ♪ [ man screams ] [ man on radio ] l.a., the end is near. ♪ [ male announcer ] without all-wheel drive, it's the end of the world. with dodge all-wheel drive, it's just snow.
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